Asian Salmon Recipe

Posted on by Natalie Gibralter

Soy Sauce

Brown Sugar

Mustard Powder


Lime Juice

Sesame Oil


Freshly Grated Ginger



Fish Sauce

  1. Create marinade for the salmon.
  2. Let sit for 15 minutes until room temperature. Salt and Pepper the salmon and brush on the marinade. 
  3. Place on foiled baking tray in broiler and cook for approximately 6-7 minutes depending on broiler and thickness of the salmon
  4. Cook the sliced baby bello mushrooms and Chinese brocolli in a medium sized pan with some S&P, and canola/sesame oil blend. Season with fresh garlic and some additional grated ginger. Once the Chinese broccoli has wilted and the mushrooms are cooked, place on plate that has a paper towel beneath it to soak up any extra oil from the pan.
  5. Leave some oil and mushroom water in the pan though. Take remaining unused marinade and add it to the pan. Throw in some fish stock, chicken stock, whatever you have around. Then toss in a tablespoon of butter to finish the sauce.
  6. Let the sauce reduce